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JEGS Performance Products 65012 Magnetic Fender Cover

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ASIN: B0081ZZTOS JEGS fender covers are made from Heavy-duty vinyl that resists acid and grease and is easily cleaned. The non-skid backing protects your valuable paint job and holds the fender cover steady....

JEGS Performance Products 10336 Black 4 -wire Coil Cord

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ASIN: B0081ZZX5S To name just a few applications, these heavy-duty cords are ideal for delay boxes, line locks, and nitrous and trans brake switches. Each coil cord, which has a protective outer sheath of po...

JEGS Performance Products 40210 8.0mm Red Hot Pow'r Wires

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ASIN: B007VR7LUW High Performance Wire, Economy Price! Our spiral core design begins with a strand of Kevlar® which is wrapped 32 times per inch with a fiberglass strand that is coated in a stainless alloy ...

JEGS Performance Products W1007DB Auto Body Repair Kit

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ASIN: B007VR6HAC To do the job right you need the right tools! That is why JEGS has teamed up with Performance Tool to offer you a complete line of professional tools to build, maintain, and customize your r...

JEGS Performance Products 60400 GM TH350/TH400 12" Torque Converter

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ASIN: B007VR67LG Street Stall Converters This line of converters are built with the street enthusiast in mind. Economically priced and intended for use in moderately modified machines. Not designed for use w...

JEGS Performance Products 15101 Aluminum Fuel Line

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ASIN: B007VR7CLA Each 25' coil of .035'' wall, seamless aircraft tubing is easily formed into the exact shape you need. Made in USA.

JEGS Performance Products W9155 Compact Magnetic Parts Tray

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ASIN: B0081ZYYBM Compact magnetic parts tray is ideal for small parts storage when other, larger trays are not practical. Stainless steel tray with a durable rubber boot over the magnet to protect your finis...

JEGS Performance Products 30002 Steel Reducers without O2 Fittings

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ASIN: B007VR7SIM Stainless or steel with or without O2 fittings, these O.D. and I.D. reducers adapt 3-bolt header collectors to exhaust pipes for street use. 2/pkg is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to