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Photo Basics 403 uLite 3-Light Kit

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ASIN: B0028K2TWM With over 1000-watts of power and soft boxes that collapse this kit is offered at an affordable price! This kit is ideal for the beginner or veteran photographer. Complete with two constant ...

Westcott 3-Light D5 Daylight Softbox Kit with Carry Case

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ASIN: B00PL593SY Meet the Westcott Basics D5, a powerful daylight-balanced continuous light source. The D5 features 5 heat-resistant, UL-certified ceramic sockets for use with 5 compact fluorescent lamps up ...

Westcott Erin Manning Home Studio Lighting Kit

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ASIN: B002UF7SH6 The best images we capture aren't planned, but having the proper lighting on hand when they happen can be. Home Studio lighting made simple. This complete lighting kit contains all the produ...

F.J. Westcott Co. Photo Basics 401 uLite Digital Lighting Kit

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ASIN: B0026HO2N6 Green Screen technology allows you or your talent to go anywhere the imagination can take you! This package comes complete with everything you need: Lighting, Green Screen, Educational DVD, ...

Photo Basics 406 uLite 2 Light Umbrella Kit

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ASIN: B0046A8UXE Just getting started with studio lighting or looking for a compact location kit? The uLite 2-Light Umbrella Kit is a complete lighting solution for any photographer or videographer offering ...

Westcott 401N Illusions uLite Green Screen Photo Lighting Kit

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ASIN: B006TH8ZOQ Cutting edge instant green screen removal tech. Easy background replacement and wrinkle-free green screen. 2 uLite Contant lights with 1000 watts of power.

Westcott 750 Photo Basics 6.5-Foot Light Stand

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ASIN: B000NIKQ7Q This Photo Basics Light Stand is lightweight, black aluminum, with sure-twist section locks. It is an ideal stand for a travel kit with small light fixtures.

Westcott 2332 43-Inch Collapsible Umbrella Flash Kit (Black/White)

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ASIN: B003BYRO6A When portability matters, this kit delivers. Designed to fit into a backpack, the included 43" umbrella has a telescoping shaft, yet offers a full 43" spread. Collapsed size is only 14.5". T... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to